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Has your employer committed . . . 

Disability discrimination, race discrimination, sex discrimination, religious discrimination, age discrimination, national origin discrimination, or handicap discrimination in the workplace?

Sexual harassment?

Overtime pay, minimum wage, or tip violations?

Family and Medical Leave Act violations?

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Wrongful termination or unjust termination of your employment?

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Trust in an employment discrimination and overtime wage lawyer with a proven twenty-five year track record.  We're bringing our experience to you and your case! 

Employment Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, Sexual Harassment, Disability Discrimination, Overtime Pay and Minimum Wage attorneys available to meet with you in downtown Cleveland, Independence, Beachwood, Westlake, and Bainbridge Township, Ohio.


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Not being paid overtime?

Not being paid minimum wage?

Being sexually harassed at work?

Victim of race discrimination, sex discrimination, disability discrimination, age discrimination, religious discrimination, or handicapped discrimination in the workplace?

Need a lawyer for an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or Ohio Civil Rights Commission mediation?

Denied FMLA leave?

Wrongful termination or other wrongdoing?

Need an attorney?
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     Our law office handles employment law, discrimination law, wrongful termination, overtime, minimum wage, and other types of cases in Cleveland, Akron, Warren, Youngstown, Chagrin Falls, Northeast Ohio, Geauga County, Cuyahoga County, Ashtabula County, Portage County, Summit County, Trumbull County, Lake County, Mahoning County, Bainbridge Township, and Auburn Township.

    Employment discrimination attorneys whose employment law, overtime pay and discrimination law practice areas and cases include: Wrongful Termination Lawsuits; Failure to Hire Cases; Employment Discrimination Suits; Race Discrimination; National Origin Discrimination; Age Discrimination; Religious Discrimination; Disability Discrimination; Handicap Discrimination; Sex Discrimination; Sexual Harassment; Retaliation; Family and Medical Leave Act; Fair Labor Standards Act; Employment Litigation; Wage and Hour Litigation; Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; Ohio Civil Rights Commission; Whistle-blowing; Overtime Pay; Minimum Wage; Unpaid Tips; Unemployment Compensation; Severance Agreements; ERISA; Family Leave; Medical Leave; ADA; ADEA; FMLA; FLSA; Equal Pay Act; Title VII Claims; Section 1981 Claims; Whistleblowing; Disability Claims; EEOC Claims; EEOC Charges; EEOC Mediation; OCRC Charges; OCRC Mediation; NLRB Charges; Arbitration; Collective Actions; and Class Actions.

     The materials on this website and any information provided to you by phone, email, or in-person are for informational purposes only and are not legal advice.  No attorney-client relationship is formed until a fee agreement is executed.

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