Armless Employee Files Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Kroger

     Kroger grocery store is alleged to have discriminated against an employee who did not have any arms, according to a lawsuit that was recently filed.  The Plaintiff, Michael Trimble, was unable to drive because of his disability, so he rode a bike to work each day.  While working for Kroger, Trimble requested that his desk be lowered and that Kroger provide him with a second monitor because he typed with his feet due to his disability and working without these accommodations was extremely difficult.  Initially, Kroger granted both accommodations, but Trimble alleges that Kroger stopped providing him with a second monitor after they transferred Trimble to a new department.  Additionally, Kroger insisted that Trimble walk his bike (instead of riding it) through the pavilion on the Kroger campus.  Trimble explained that this would be impossible for him because he does not have any arms.  Trimble claims that his request for an accommodation of not pushing his bike was denied.  Trimble tried unsuccessfully to push his bike through the pavilion, but his disability caused him to have to continue riding his bike through the pavilion.  Kroger subsequently fired Trimble for this, despite Trimble’s outstanding job performance.  See Trimble v. Kroger Co., No. 3:17-cv-00230-SI (D. Or. 2017).

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