Department of Labor Will Decide New Salary Overtime Rules

     In 2016, the Department of Labor created a regulation that would required employers to pay employees a salary of at least $47,476 in order not to have to pay them overtime wages.  Thus, many salaried employees earning less than that amount would be owed time and half overtime wages for their hours worked over forty in a workweek.  This was a significant increase over the previous minimum of $23,660.  A federal judge placed an injunction on the regulation last year, and the current Justice Department must decide by the end of October whether it will appeal that injunction.  Some reports suggest that the current Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta may seek to enact a new regulation at an amount closer to $32,000 or $33,000.  Whatever regulation is eventually decided could have a substantial impact on millions of employees and could require employers to pay more of its employees time and a half wages for their overtime hours.  

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