Retaliation for Planning to File Workers' Compensation Claim

     An employee may file an Ohio common law claim for retaliatory firing after reporting a workplace injury to his or her employer, even if the employee had not yet filed for workers' compensation. In order to prevail, the employee must prove that the termination was retaliatory and that the employer lacked an overriding business justification for the firing.  The Ohio Supreme Court's ruling is an extention of the rights provided in Ohio Revised Code Section 4123.90, which prohibits firing of workers in retaliation for filing workers' compensation claims.  Even if the employee had not yet filed for workers' compensation, the law is now clear that the employee can pursue a common law action.  Sutton v. Tomco Machining, Inc., 129 Ohio St.3d 153, 950 N.E.2d 938 (2011).

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