Sales Tax on Attorney’s Fees

     Can you believe that Ohio's Governor has proposed a 5% sales tax on attorney's fees?  If enacted, this proposal could require employees like you to pay sales tax on any attorney's fees that they pay to enforce their employment rights.  Additionally, you would have to pay sales tax when you need to hire an attorney for legal services such as to write a will or administer an estate, to adopt a child or get divorced, or to file for bankruptcy.  I am a member of bar associations that have spoken against this legislation, such as the Ohio State Bar Association and the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association.  We believe that it places an unnecessary burden on Ohio workers and impedes access to the legal system.  Hopefully, the proposal will not become law.  I will keep you informed of the status of this proposal. What can you do???  Contact your state representative and ask him or her to vote against a sales tax on legal services.  UPDATE:  OUR EFFORTS WERE SUCCESSFUL.  THE LAW DID NOT PASS.

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