Service Dogs Are A Reasonable Accommodation

     The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently announced a settlement in a case where it had sued a company for failing to grant a reasonable accommodation to one of its prospective employees who needed the use of a service animal due to his disability.  The lawsuit alleged that a Navy veteran suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and that he needed to use a service dog because of his disability.  Ultimately, the company refused to hire him because of its “no pets” policy.  The EEOC brought a lawsuit alleging that the company discriminated and retaliated against the prospective employee because of his disability.  The alleged actions are a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which prohibits discrimination and retaliation against employees and applicants who suffer from a disability.  See EEOC v. CRST International Inc., No. 1:17-cv-00129 (N.D. Iowa).

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